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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

Millie Bromeier, North Carolina

Ed Weems, North Carolina

I’ve never regretted my decision to drive 70 miles for my hearing care. You are the best of 3 providers I’ve experienced. Thanks to Dr. Griffin, Dr. Fisher and Dawn for excellent service.

John Caggiano Seven Lakes, NC April, 2017

Everyone is extremely pleasant and knowledgeable. The office manager is friendly and helpful. The audiologist is caring and meticulous about assuring that my hearing aids are programmed and adjusted perfectly to fit my needs. Because of the expert hearing evaluation and the extensive measures taken to assure I am comfortable wearing hearing aids, the adjustment to hearing aids has been smooth and easy and I love that I am hearing sounds I've never heard before!! Overall outstanding facility and practice!!!

 Mary Zullig 

Mary Zullig - Google review 2017

“I have been to loud restaurants.  I went to a birthday party that had a DJ and was able to talk to everyone and never had to ask, ‘What?’.  I’m thrilled!”

Allison Kenny, Raleigh, NC - May, 2012

Now Hear This® gave me the best of everything: service, quality, fit and price. 

After learning that I had acute hearing loss in one ear, I felt overwhelmed by the way it would change my world. After meeting with Dr. Griffin, I was so relieved. He was a patient listener who was able to fully understand what I needed and provided me with a device that was right for me. I didn't just need a hearing aid; I needed a complete understanding of my hearing loss and what my options would be. Dr. Griffin provided that. 

In addition, Dr. Griffin made a custom mold for the hearing device of my choice so that I had an exact fit. I got the color and size that I wanted. He also spent the right amount of time with me to make sure the sound quality was natural, precise and balanced. I don't get distortion or feedback and I can easily adjust the settings to accommodate the environment. I no longer have to worry about being in a noisy restaurant or missing whispers. It is that discreet, that comfortable, that much a part of me. 

Thank you, Now Hear This®, for such an exceptional product and service!

Allison Kenny – May, 2013

I am so thankful to Now Hear This® Audiology.  It is the best practice around and has the most sophisticated technology in the country.  My audiology care is second-to-none.  The team uses a special technology from Germany to program the hearing aid (no one else in the country has it!).  The precision of the device makes me forget that I have it on.

They did a custom mold of my ear canal so that the device fits perfectly.  As a younger person with hearing loss, I needed an easy, discreet, flexible solution.  

Dr. Griffin spent so much time with me customizing the hearing aid settings to allow for different performance levels at work and social situations.  If you have hearing loss, you know that different levels are needed for driving, concerts, movies, conversations, the gym, etc.,.  He also gave me helpful advice (little tweaks to my normal routine) to minimize the impact my hearing loss could have otherwise caused.

The care extends from Dr. Griffin to Dawn who manages the office.  Dawn is caring, warm and friendly.  She always makes me feel so welcome and at ease, and goes out of her way to accommodate my needs and schedule.

I feel grateful to have such a caring team so close here in Raleigh.  I've worn my hearing aid every day for 2.5 years now and I've never had a problem with it.  I go in every few months for check ups to see if I need a few tweaks to any of the settings since my hearing loss in degenerative.  I get thorough attention every time I go in and believe that is why the device is performing so well and has lasted so long.  

No one that I come in contact with ever seems to know I have a hearing deficiency or that I wear a device.  You can't see it unless I point it out.  My colleagues had no idea until I started taking it out in front of them at work as proof that I had a secret defense against their bad jokes! ;) 

Go see for yourself why Now Hear This® is the best practice in the area!

Alison Woodruff as posted on Yelp 4.2014

My Issues with Hearing Loss

I have known for many years that I had a hearing loss, but I was reluctant to actually confront the issue based upon my experience with my father’s hearing loss and the relatively primitive hearing aid technology that was available in the 1980s. I was having problems hearing normal conversations and I often asked people to repeat what they had said. I also had difficulty understanding the audio on television programs and carrying on conversations with people in crowded environments such as restaurants.

How I learned about Now Hear This® Audiology

When my employer recently offered a lunchtime seminar from Now Hear This® Audiology discussing hearing loss, and how they used a “real ear measurement” system to customize each patient’s hearing aid to their individual hearing needs, I decided to attend to see how the technology had changed.
Dr. Philip Griffin’s presentation taught me that hearing loss can affect many areas of my life and contributes to poor health. He showed me that their system was the state of the art in modern hearing aid technology, and I immediately scheduled an appointment for a hearing evaluation.

My Experience with Philip

Philip spent about 20 minutes with my wife and me asking about my perceptions of my hearing loss as well as my wife’s perceptions. He made sure he understood what my problems were and what my expectations were. We were never rushed, and Philip was very professional, personable, and genuinely interested in doing his best to help me maximize my hearing so that I could lead a more normal life.

We then spent about an hour in which I participated in several different hearing tests. These tests were more comprehensive than anything I had ever experienced. The results of each test were displayed on a computer and Philip explained what each of the measurements indicated, how hearing aids could be used to dramatically improve my hearing, and the various options available in terms of the types of hearing aids, their capabilities, and relative costs.

I ordered two behind the ear models. They offered the features I wanted along with a small size. Each was fitted and adjusted for my particular needs. The initial visit included the “real ear measurements” that are critical for a proper fitting. Each hearing aid was adjusted to match the particular needs at various audio frequencies in each ear. In subsequent visits, each hearing aid was fine-tuned based upon my recent experiences.

My Experience with Now Hear This® Audiology

The entire staff at Now Hear This® Audiology is very professional, friendly and caring. They will do whatever is necessary to accommodate their patients to ensure that they can achieve a far better life with improved hearing.

Improvements in Hearing Since Getting My Hearing Aids

My quality of life has improved significantly during the five months that I have been wearing my hearing aids.

It’s hard to describe the wonderful feeling of being able to hear sounds that I hadn’t heard for years, and to be able to carry on normal conversations with people. Conversations in restaurants and other noisy situations are much more understandable as well. I can also understand the audio on television programs at normal volume levels, much to my wife’s surprise!

My only regret is that I wish I had acted sooner to have my hearing evaluated, and to reenter the “hearing world” once again!


B. Biery – November, 2012

"We made his hearing aids work better than before. I still have problem with background noise, but I can understand people better now".

Carl O. – Raleigh, NC


This catchy name caught my attention and I found a staff of Down Home caring individuals and amazing electronic devices.

I have been wearing hearing aids for 14 years and had experiences with 4 different brands and 5 different audiologists, all with mixed results.

Dr Phil sat down with my audiogram and matched the hearing aid specs to it finding the brand and type that would produce the best hearing results for my hearing loss.  This was new to me.  After finding the best device, he set the initial settings using the standard method.  He then fine tuned them using his electronic listening device and I am now hearing better than I have for years.

The hearing aids are hi-tech and it took some time to work them out and the follow up from Now Hear This® is great.

Thanks to everyone on the team.

Carl Spangler 12.2014

I wish I could tell everyone about your service. If I had taken my mother to see you sooner, she would have been able to hear what my father was saying in the last days that he lived. My father always spoke softly, but even more so just before he passed. 

With my mother living alone, I thought it was extremely important for her to hear sounds in the house. I am thankful every day that we turned to you for help.

I can’t tell you how much joy she gets out of hearing the television. Both of my parents had been reduced to reading their shows with the closed captioning. I even laughed when she called to tell me the air conditioner was making funny sounds. Just the normal fan sounds outside her living room window, but now she could hear them. I can't thank you enough for not having to repeat everything to her. She can now hear me even with car noise going on. She carries on a normal conversation. She had not heard her cat talk to her in a long time. It is fun to hear the cat meow and hear her say ‘What do you want baby?’.

All of that is icing on the cake but I have to tell you the best gift of all. We have a lady in our extended family. A mother-in-law to one of my sisters. Her children have not been able to understand what she is saying for a few years now. They lean over in front of her mouth in hopes of hearing ‘I love you too’. They smile and pat her on the arm and walk away saying ‘I don't know what she is saying’. But last Thanksgiving, they invited my mother over. They sat her in a chair about 3 feet away from our dear friend. And they carried on a conversation for 3 hours. Laughing and smiling the whole time. My mom understood and could clearly hear what she said the whole time. She was an interpreter for that time. The lady was very appreciative and for 3 hours she was reconnected to her family by way of my mother.

So I thank you. My sisters thank you. Even our friends and extended family thank you. Thank you for offering a service to improve hearing and actually delivering that service and so much more. I wish I could enrich your lives the way you have enriched ours. And every day brings more wonderful gifts from this experience.

Carolyn G. – Raleigh NC

"I am happy to give testimony to Now Hear This® for state of the art auditory services.  I experienced a highly efficient hearing evaluation from Dr. Philip Griffin.  He explained his diagnosis in concise and understandable terms, and I was able to participate in making a well informed decision regarding treatment for my hearing deficit.  The office staff was welcoming, accommodating, and organized.  Having traveled from Knoxville Tn. to Raleigh Durham for the evaluation, I feel fortunate to have fallen under the care of Now Hear This®, and am a very satisfied client.  Thank You, Chris"

Chris L. – Knoxville TN

The best place to start is the beginning.  I have hearing problems – both ears.  The problems have existed over a period of years and have tended to become worse.
I received an invitation to visit an open house at “Now Hear This®”.  While there I spent time talking with Dr. Griffin and made an appointment for the next week.  After several visits, checks and adjustments were made.  Costs, maintenance, etc. were explained and given to me in written form.
Now I hear most things.  I even can talk on the phone with my hearing aids.  I am able to raise or lower the sound levels by simply pressing a small button.  The “cosmetic” aspects were not my concern.  I wanted to hear.
My hearing is not perfect, but greatly improved.  When I feel the need to have a concern checked, I just call and get a “quick” appointment.

Cornelius S., Raleigh NC – August, 2012

I was impressed with Now Hear This®’ ability to monitor what my hearing aids were broadcasting to me.  Other audiologists relied only on my personal feedback.  The Now Hear This® method was more effective in improving my hearing ability.

David A., Raleigh NC- August 30, 2012

“I hear better than I ever have before with a hearing aid, and I have been wearing them for years!”

Ed McDonald, Raleigh, NC - April 23, 2012


I wanted to email you immediately when leaving Now Hear This® last Friday, with our excitement overflowing!

Mom couldn't be happier! The first thing she said when she got in the car (my Dad rides up front and she in the back when someone else is driving) is, "I can hear every word y'all are saying!". And on the drive home to Atlanta they went through some heavy rain and she squealed with delight over being able to hear the patter of the raindrops on the windshield.

She has already talked with some of her friends and is spreading the word about Now Hear This®! May have to rent a bus in Atlanta & bring them all up for appointments!!

Thank you for providing the opportunity through Now Hear This for Mom to be able to participate more fully in life once again.


Fran Carruthers

Going to Now Hear This® has absolutely been the best thing I have done for myself. Getting my hearing aids has changed my life in so many positive ways. I no longer worry about conversing with people. I hear many sounds I haven’t heard in a very long time. I carried the newspaper article about their new technology around in my bag for eight months before I finally called to make an appointment. I wish I had not waited so long! Dawn, the patient care coordinator, is so helpful and immediately made me feel comfortable. Dr. Griffin is amazing! He explains everything so clearly. He spent a considerable amount of time adjusting my hearing aids the first day. I have had no problem getting used to them and am now into my third week of “hearing freedom.” I highly recommend Now Hear This®. So, “Now Do This®” for yourself and give them a call!

February 2013; Raleigh NC – J Jackson

“Both of my careers were compromised by hearing loss..  To find effective hearing aids has not been a positive experience.  I also found it to be very expensive.    Ultimately I invested in four sets of hearing aids trying to find a set that would work well.  It was frustrating because various clinics didn’t seem to have time for me.  One vendor was good, but after my aids were fitted, they just didn’t have time for me.  When I’d go for adjustments, they’d give me 10 minutes.  That is just not enough.  My experience at now Hear This® audiology has been the exact opposite.  They didn’t try to sell me knew hearing aids.  They gave me all the time I needed.  They let me see the computer printouts and the computer screen so I could see what my hearing looked like.  The technology was fascinating.  To actually see how the aids worked in my ears was a nice experience.  They worked with me.  I didn’t feel any need to be pushed out of the building.  From the start, I knew they were going to give ma as much time as needed.  It was really refreshing….”

February 2012; Raleigh NC – J. Phelan

The first time I wore my new Phonak behind the ear hearing aids to church, I was wondering whose magnificent voice I was hearing singing.  I turned around and realized…it was my husband.  I wept tears of gratitude.  While I had “heard” my husband sing before, it was nothing like this.  I compare it to listening to a ‘boom box’ as opposed to a Bose stereo surround system.  There is no comparison!  Thank you Dr. Griffin for enhancing my profoundly deaf hearing loss so I can enjoy life and all it has to offer so much more!  Special thanks to Dawn who is a definite asset to your team!

Millicent Bromeier, Raleigh NC – October, 2012

"Science & Service”

I am an experienced hearing aid user who previously bought aids from a company that runs large ads in the newspaper.  I recently decided to buy my new aids from Now Hear This®. I cannot overstate the difference in how I was treated by the two dealers!  With my first aids, the dealer spent less than one hour testing my hearing and consulting with me, all in my first visit.  At Now Hear This, Dr. Fisher, the Audiologist, gave me over 3 hours of diagnostic testing and fitting over my first three visits. Now Hear This® demonstrated a true scientific approach to the entire process of making the units work the best for me. The cost may be higher than the 4 year old aids, but their superior performance, and the personal service, are absolutely worth it.


Jim L.

We received another 5 star patient referral this week! Jim doesn't use the internet that much and asked that we post this for him and his seeing eye dog, Chloe! Thank you Jim B! We love you too and are so thankful you are a part of our patient family!

"I can't say anything but EXCELLENT things about Now Hear This®! Everything is always taken care of by Dr. Kate and Dawn. I enjoy going to visit you, and I am the one who benefits the most!
THANK YOU and Dr. Kate!
Jim and Chloe

Dawn N from Yelp Reviews 5/25/2018

I lost my hearing at the age of 38 from Otosclerosis. I was terrified, confused and felt alone. I was lucky to find Now Hear This® is Raleigh which seemed like an answered prayer. From the minute I walked in I knew I was in good hands and would be fine. **** is highly competent and caring. I felt like I was in safe hands and could trust her with sharing not only my fears about my hearing loss, but with the process itself. She was there every step of the way to make sure I had the best customer experience and the best experience with my hearing aid. Now Hear This® is current with the latest technology and did a mold of my ear canal so that the fit of the hearing aid was perfect. They also used a state of the art sound technology that was so precise, I'd forget I had a device. They set it for several adjustments so that I could just press a button to have it accommodate different sound environments. They were also very willing to have me come in for hearing tests and to tweak levels if needed. Having a quality hearing aid and quality care at Now Hear This®, meant that I didn't have to let losing my hearing affect me in a negative way. I give Now Hear This® 5 stars for a superb customer experience and hearing aid!

Allison K. 

Allison K. review from BBB 9/28/2017

Great office and audiologist! Dr.  Fisher is patient and listens --important because this was such a life changing and anxious experience for me getting hearing aids.

Susan N. Wendell, NC

Susan N. Yelp review from 4/11/2018

“When I went here it revealed how important hearing loss is and how it can affect our brains even, our living and our activity too. Also, the personal interest that Dr. Griffin gave me was great. It's too bad that there are not more hearing clinics using the same technology for programming and reprogramming hearing aids for people like me. I got mine reprogrammed because I wasn't using them the way they were. They are much better now and I am becoming more user friendly towards my hearing aids since they were reprogrammed.”

Kathy, Iowa - April, 2012

I won't tell how old I am, but let's just say it is over 80.  I had given up on anyone making my old aids work better, but Dr. Griffin did it with his technology device.  He did it so well I bought modern ones so that I could hear even better.  Now they are so comfortable sometimes I forget they are in!

Kathy K., Iowa – July, 2012

“I have a severe hearing loss and have worn hearing aids for 40 years.  After I got my last aids, I spent 6 months going in and getting the programming worked on.  I didn't think I was hearing as well as I should with them.  I could not use the phone at all.  I read about Now Hear This® and arranged to see Dr. Griffin.  He reprogrammed them using AccuFit™.  I walked out hearing better than I ever have.  The first time I tried them with the phone the person’s voice was crystal clear.  This is the first time I have been able to hear and understand on the phone with these aids since I got them.  I no longer live in fear of having to take a phone call at work.  Having the aids working like they should has relieved a lot of stress in my life.  I can't say enough about how nice the doctor and office staff are.  In 40 years of dealing with hearing aid places I have never been treated this well.”

Lynn B., Holly Springs, NC – July, 2012

Dust off those hearing aids that have been relegated into the drawer of out-of-focus glasses and dead batteries and take them to Now Hear This® for a tune-up! Dr. Griffin took the time to address my concerns (including a follow up visit) and calibrated my hearing aids so now I can sit on my back porch and actually internalize the sound (HEAR) of rainfall and tree frogs, as opposed to listening to sound emanate through a set of speakers. Thanks again Dr. Griffin!

Marcus F., Raleigh NC – July 25, 2012

I first met Bob Keefer in a professional capacity as my firm, iS design, was hired by Now Hear This® to provide design services for their first location in Raleigh, NC. His desire was to create an environment that people would feel comfortable in rather than a typical medical office. Although they choose another nearby location, the principles used to fit out the suite were consistent with what we had earlier discussed. In the midst of our conversations, I became interested in the methodology and equipment that Bob was instrumental in bringing to the United States from Germany. It all became pertinent soon afterward when my 85 year old father-in-law began to experience poor results from his current hearing aids. I suggested that he had nothing to lose by letting Now Hear This® apply their new fitting techniques to his situation to see if it may help him. Somewhat reluctantly, he decided to give Now Hear This® a try. The rest, as they say, is history. Harold is very pleased with the professional staff and, most of all, with the result. He hears far better than he did previously and knows that any problems he has will be dealt with in a manner that puts his satisfaction first. In short, Now Hear This® has a terrific combination of capable people and what appears to be a superior technology to what he had experienced with another local source. Thanks for making a difference in his life, Bob. 

Mark Valand, Raleigh NC – July 2012

Hearing is a WONDERFUL thing!

I just had to share an amazing experience I got to enjoy last night!!!  Dennis and I have season tickets for the plays at DPAC and have for many years.  I always love the plays and although I can usually follow the most of the plot of the plays, I rarely, if ever,  have been able to understand the words of the actors - especially when it is a musical and the words are in song with loud background music.  Last night we went to see "Something Rotten."   I put my hearing aids on front focus and I heard every single word!!!  I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS HEARING!!! Dennis could hear most of the actors but could not understand one actor at all, but I could hear and decipher every word each actor sang!!!  Oh what an exciting experience that was for me!!!  And sweet Dennis was so thrilled for me too!!!  I was so giddy I actually felt teary with joy!!!  THANK YOU so so much for opening a whole new world to me!!!  What a delightful and rare experience I got to have last night and I totally thank you for that!!!  I have been amazed at the quality of my hearing aids from the beginning and the ease of transitioning to them.  Again, I give you the credit for that!!  Your thorough hearing evaluation combined with the time you have taken to meticulously adjust my aids, carefully explain how the app works and patiently answer all my questions has truly brought a whole new dimension to my life!!! You are outstanding at what you do and I appreciate you more than words can express!!!
Thanks again for making my already blessed life even more amazing!!!

Thankful for you!

Mary Z

“As I have gotten older, I have noticed that I don't hear as well as I once did particular in crowded and noisy situations. I took advantage of the free screening offered by Now Hear This®. My experience from beginning to end could not have been more positive. My concern was taken seriously. No one gave the impression they were there to sell me a hearing aid or related service. They did give me the impression they were interested in my situation from the lady that helped me complete the forms to Dr Griffin, the audiologist who tested my hearing. The testing procedure was explained before we started and the results were reviewed in detail. All my questions were answered. My hearing is borderline and the recommendation was to wait. Dr. Griffin gave me advice that would help me deal with my slight hearing loss. Unfortunately, my hearing will gradually get worse with age. Fortunately, I know that when I need a hearing aid, I can count on the people at Now Hear This®.”

McConnell, Raleigh, NC - March, 2012

I learned at 48 that I needed hearing aids. As a very active person with young children, physical hobbies and a job requiring time on the telephone, finding something that didn’t cause grief was a challenge.  After seeing two different audiologists, trying 7 different pairs of hearing aids, I was frustrated.  I had problems with feedback, couldn’t use the phone properly, and cringed every time my eight year old hugged me or cupped my ears. I am lucky that I read the Raleigh News and Observer and discovered Now Hear This and Dr. Griffin.   My hearing aids have zero feedback, and I have clear, normal hearing. The difference is night and day.

Moira Killoran, Raleigh NC – July 24, 2012

I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease over ten years ago.  My hearing has deteriorated over the course of the illness, and I’ve been wearing hearing aids for the last 4 years. 
As an attorney working in the fast-paced, high-demand world of New York finance, hearing and engaging with people is critical.  I found that hearing aids helped somewhat, but the clarity and word recognition continued to be a problem. It got to the point where I had to have someone join me in meetings to take notes or only take meetings by phone so I could turn up the speaker volume as loud as possible-even that wasn’t enough.

Outside of work I faced a number of challenges.  Living in New York City can be an assault on hearing – loud streets, sirens, the hum of fans in buildings, the echoes of large spaces.  I used to love restaurants, theater and movies, but I started to avoid those places because I just couldn’t understand what people were saying or what was going on.  I also found I stopped using my hearing aids.
I went to several top audiologists and hearing centers in New York City. The audiologists would fiddle with dials and computer programs, but generally not engage with me.  I would try to explain the challenges I was facing, but I felt like they were simply inputting data and making tweaks based on the specified program for the hearing aid.  I even tried different makes and models, but nothing worked. I didn’t feel like the audiologists understood how to address my concerns or even understood what I was describing. 

Then a friend from Raleigh forwarded to me a News & Observer article about the Now Hear This fitting method. This sounded unique–like the professionals at Now Hear This were really trying to understand how a patient experiences the sound from a hearing aid.

From my first phone call to make an appointment, I could tell this would be a different experience. 

Dr. Griffin was patient and engaged.  He listened to my and my husband’s concerns.  We probably spent the first hour just talking.  He talked to us about how to maximize the usefulness of the hearing aids.  In my many years of dealing with hearing issues, no one had ever done this.  I immediately noticed a difference in how I was hearing with my hearing aids after they were adjusted by Now Hear This.  I also felt like someone had finally listened to me and taken the time to help.

Dr. Griffin adjusted my hearing aids over 3 months ago.  Since then, I have been wearing them from when I get up until I go to bed.  At work, it’s been amazing.  I can hear people in meetings–both private and in conference rooms. I rarely struggle – even with low pitched voices or “low talkers”.  Each day I’m amazed that I could have gotten along as long as I did without these adjustments.
I now sincerely believe that I can live a happy and productive life with the help of properly adjusted hearing aids. 

Pamela T. – New York, New York

My visits to the office of Now Hear This® have far exceeded my expectations.

Dawn Geda, Patient Care Coordinator, greets you with a cheerful smile and her warm personality instantly puts you at ease. Dawn is very efficient and helpful in answering any of your questions and scheduling your appointments.

Dr. Phillip Griffin, Doctor of Audiology, also has a warm personality and confidant manner. He impresses you with the vast amount of knowledge of his profession and keeps you informed of his diagnosis and test results. He is dedicated to improving your hearing and uses all of his vast array of equipment and knowledge to accomplish this goal I have visited other Audiologists and have never received the in depth testing, attention to my specific hearing problems and good results that Now Hear This® has provided me. This company and its dedicated people have been a "breath of fresh air" in the otherwise sterile medical world. I would recommend Now Hear This® to anyone who is experiencing hearing issues and needs expert diagnosis and solutions to their hearing problems.

Richard Claxon, Raleigh NC - October, 2012

I have been wearing hearing aids for over 20 years and have spent thousands of dollars on the latest and greatest.  This last pair I bought almost 2 years ago and spent close to $6000.  I had gone in many times for adjustments and still felt they were not performing the best they could and felt my hearing could be better.

Then I was made aware of Now Hear This® in Raleigh and knew I wanted to try them.  It almost sounded too good to be true but I was willing to make the 4 hour trip from Asheville to see (hear) for myself.  To my amazement, I feel like I now hear just about everything.  The tests and screening they did seemed so simple, yet the results are truly amazing, and it makes so much sense.  I am so much more relaxed because I don’t have to strain to hear.  Thank you so much Dr. Griffin and Now Hear This® for making such a huge difference in my LIFE.  

Terri Gleydura, Asheville, North Carolina

Bob, your note was such a lovely surprise this a.m.  Thank you so much.

I really appreciate the time you personally spent talking with Mr. Roberson.  Believe me, it made an impression.  All previous conversations on this subject had been naming different people who do not like their hearing devices, and I believe you took care of calming his preconceived notions.  Mrs. Roberson, too, was very impressed with your operation.  She told me about the interview process and the thorough hearing examination you gave him.

 Mr. Roberson came back last week with a big grin on his face and proceeded to explain to me why he selected the devices he ordered.  He was convinced, and on Monday afternoon he walked in and said, “whisper something to me and let’s see if I can hear you!”  We, of course, had a big laugh.  He is hearing well and adjusting to being able to hear again.

Now Mrs. Roberson and I just have to stop yelling at him.  (And I have to be careful about what I say now because he can hear me for a change!)


Terry J. Preston – Raleigh NC

When I walk into the office of a professional, I expect to be treated like a valued customer, even on my first visit.  Now Hear This® treats you even better.  More like a friend.  When I checked in, the first person I met was friendly and professional.  She gave me a feeling that I would be provided the best care.  At the time of my appointment, I met with the audiologist and he did his review of my hearing in a professional manner.  As a veteran, he recommended that I checked with the Veterans Administration regarding hearing aids.  I found this to be refreshing as this would cost him a fair amount of money.  There was nothing about this visit that I would say was bad.  At a future office visit, the same description of the visit would hold true.  I highly recommend Now Hear This® for all of your hearing needs.  They are not only friendly, and professional, but also honest and will not recommend anything beyond what is needed.

W.C. Koch, Jr. – Raleigh NC